Hello guys, so I'm in a dilemma here. I recently purchased an acoustic guitar, a LAG T100D and I wanted to put a pickup on it because I have started performing in small taverns and bars. I wanted a pickup less than $150.00 that best retains the natural sound of my acoustic. It will most likely be running through a mixer then through a PA system. I am considering getting a Fishman Infinity Matrix but then my church band leader told me about K&K Pure Mini and he told me that a friend of his recommended it. Our church band leader recommends the Fishman Infinity Matrix highly, but he has no clue about this K&K. From the reviews, it seems like it is best at retaining that natural acoustic sound. If anyone with experience with both systems could help me decide that would be great.

I also want to perform in larger venues, like a large auditorium.

Why should I consider the K&K instead of the Fishman? or vice versa?
So it would cost me more then...since the K and K pickup is $99.00 plus a preamp which will probably cost like $100.00 upwards. Would you recommend the Fishman Infinity Matrix then?
I can't help you with "best", as I haven't used either, I was just warning you about the extra cost involved in the K&K. FWIW, the Red Eye and Fire Eye preamps are well thought of in combination with the K&K. If I could afford it, I would likely go with the K&K + Red Eye or Fire Eye, just based on their reputation.