Poll: Which two pickups sound best for a heavy aggressive tone?
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Duncan Distortion
2 50%
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I am looking to get some new pickups for some guitars. They are both Les Paul style. One is mahogany and one is basswood. There are four different pickups I'm thinking of. Seymour Duncan JB SH4, Seymour Duncan Invader, Seymour Duncan Distortion, and Seymour Duncan Dimebucker. How are these pickups different? How do they sound with the different types of wood? What are your opinions on these pickups? Also, any recommendations would be nice too. I play mainly punk, but I'm thinking of a more aggressive tone. More metal sounding. Kind of like A7X.
depends on the guitar, polls are fun but use your ears and see what the guitar is missing is what i tell pros who hardly know gear. . This MAY help but shouldn't be the final result as I hate using youtube comparisons but Ola's a professional on there compared to some bedroom guitarists recording on their phones...and guess what... most if not all the pickups are on it such as the dimebucker, invader, distortion and i think the JB.

the black winter and a few of the newer ones check out too they are in his other video , I like a lot of those pickups myself. But for AX7 probably the invader if you've got a say mahogany (which i think synster gates uses) body and all. I want to try the distortion in my bc rich myself with a screaming demon in the neck.

however as much as i can suggest the invader though it's a very noisy and predominantly trebly pickup so it is something to keep in mind. So you may not want this one too close to the strings, however since you're an AX7 fan copy as much of their gear as you can from your favorite albums era and of course it doesn't have to be a schecter to get their sound. strings, picks ..etc, all are easily googled.

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How are these pickups different?

-magnets (type and number)
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How do they sound with the different types of wood?

The JB is of the four probably the best fit for basswood, but it's an acquired taste. I don't like it much.
The Duncan Distortion is kick ass in mahogany but I might not recommend it for basswood - it's kinda bright.
The Invader is way too tubby and dark for what you're going for.
The dimebucker is the polar opposite of the invader - it's REALLY bright (shrill, even).
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What are your opinions on these pickups?

The only one I actually like of the four is the Distortion.
The Invader is muddy and bassy.
The JB is to me very nasal and unpleasant in anything other than 80s superstrats that are really bright.
The dimebucker is painfully bright and is very scooped.
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Also, any recommendations would be nice too.

Duncan Custom for the mahogany, Perpetual Burn for the basswood.
Or, if you'd rather spend a bit more cash, Bareknuckle ceramic Nailbomb for the Mahogany and a Holy Diver for the Basswood.
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