Hey guys,

Been practicing a lot with my screaming/shouted voice as I'm a massive fan of hardcore punk - stuff like Trash Talk, Converge, Counterparts etc. so I've really been wanting to try my own vocals in a song of that style. Basically I'm just looking for some comments on my vocal style and what works/doesn't work/parts that stand out, that sort of thing.

Went for a different production style on this track as well, more garagey sounding and less clean than my other recordings to bring out some rawness in the track so comments about production would be handy too!

As always, write me a critique and leave a link so I can post a similarly post in lengthy-ness! I'll try and get back to you as soon as I have a good amount of time to dedicate listening to tracks.


Flamboyantly grungy, big and brash and bold, full of rattling attitude. Love the vocal part, completely uncompromising, madly frenetic, and the extreme voice is totally convincing, intense brilliance. What a feeling, what a cathartic release of tension and repressed emotion.
This piece maintain a great marriage between slickness and rawness, having just the right amount of both to create an organically real expression in music.
Clever arrangement, chord changes, and quiet sections. This is pretty out there. I'm loving this. Total burn out manic trip into chaos, complete mind**** brilliance,,,,

For a total change, dare you C4C here.
I'm really liking the spoken word intro. Sets the mood for a very professional track. I've been really into Converge lately so this is exactly what I'm into at the moment, and it sounds badass. Nice vocals, I'm more into the balls to the walls insane vocal style when it comes to hardcore, but your tone and mood fit the song perfectly. I'm also a fan of how dark and "crusty" the track is, it's punk with some real attitude. Also, there's a nice use of loud and quiet, or "a storm and a calm" if you will in the track which has always been a staple of quality songwriting for me. Of course the shorter, insane bursts of anger like "Dark Horse" by Converge are cool songs as well but in general I like more diverse songwriting.

I really can't think of anything bad to say. It was a professional hardcore track from any viewpoint. Production, composition and performance are all spot on, great work
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