Hi dude, Cool track. as soon as the song started I knew I would enjoy it even though metal is not my thing. your song reminds me of a band called Deathstars... Check them out, one of there songs called cyanide is pretty cool!

Your track has quality written all over it, it has good structure, lyrics, melody, a good solid beat and nice production too.

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Cool frequency sweep in the intro, at first I was like "what the shit" but it turned out pretty cool. I enjoy the vocal style a lot, I maybe wouldn't say that the vocals are that complicated but the style itself is nice. The lyrics weren't my thing really, I'm not into the whole "battle metal" thing. But other than that they were pretty well done, at least there wasn't any apparent flaws.

The composition is very strong overall, but it isn't really surprising if you know what I mean. There weren't a lot of dynamics and the style itself is very common within the realm of metal. But the track has strong riffs and fitting melodies.

The best part in my opinion is the style of the growls. It's somewhere between a growl and a scream, like a growl with a brighter timbre. Anyway it's really cool. It was a solid track all around in my opinion.
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Yea okay I quite like it the vocals are kind of amon amarth esque the structure is nice, the tone on the guitars are quality, crisp and clear the melody is strong. The problem I hear with this track is that you need to consider that this genres defining traits beside the vocals are guitar and the people that listen to this genre love or play guitar, from 3:00-3:07 you should want to bring more then that to the table or do not bring a solo in to the song at all. I am not saying you must have a jeff loomis crazy shred style solo in there, but make something memorable something that makes you feel something from the instrument. Other then that it sounds good and of great quality .

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cheers folks for your replies

some very well made points, yeah the song aint particularly original, I dont mind that though, as long as its good he he

I always try and go with my heart in both songwriting and production terms and I think this one turned out ok

I do agree re solos, im not the best lead player, we are actually looking at trying to get a shredder to pick up that side of things

cheers again
Hello there.

This has a cool sound to it - the guitars are nice and heavy but clear, and I quite like the very clicky sound of the kick - it works well for this type of sound. The use of the frequency sweeping sounds good. Musically though, it didnt really grab me. I cant say there is anything wrong with it, it just doesnt put it's hand down my pants and have a tug. I dont want to be harsh to people by sayng that sort of thing (it's just one mans opinion and personal taste) but I also dont like blowing smoke up someones arse if I feel differently (I want people to be honest about my stuff).

Anyway, I've listened t it 3 times now, so it cant be that bad.

Can't at all say this is a bad track bud. I, personally am an oldschool metal listener. And the cleans at the chorus is a nice touch. But I feel like if the production was a bit more powerful, this song would feel much more powerful as well. I hear a song that's supposed to kick you in the gut and make you wanna headbang - but the recording quality held it back a bit.

The screams are a bit one dimensional. Even though the song might not be that original, it hits the spot. The intro riff with the phaser effect is a good idea. The lead guitar needs some work.

I see the potential though, really. This might be a kickass project if you guys keep at it!

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