Awesome work man! I do agree with you though, it could be a tad faster. Not that sustain was big issue for this piece, but seeing as nylons don't have the best sustain, raising the tempo just by a bit can make a world of difference. I play some "classical" as well (I use classical as an umbrella term btw) and I think one of the most challenging aspects of it is tempo control, and letting the music breath right. Anyway once again awesome job! Was this your own arrangement too?
Thanks man! The arrangements was not mine, I can't remember the arranger but I think i put it in the YouTube video description. There are some difficult stretches and harmonics, but it was the best arrangement I found. I learned it from a Christopher Parkening book. I am also in the process of learning Ravels Pavane For A Dead Princess, but that is much more difficult and longer, but also incredibly beautiful. I should have video of it up within a week or two.

Thanks again
Thanks for the input on my video.

Ravel might be my all-time favorite composer. Not only does he have the unique and pretty impressionist harmonies like Debussy, but he has super smooth voice leading and is one of the best orchestraters in the game.

I thought you did awesome. That arrangement that your playing is super well done, and you're playing it really smooth, which is important. Not only that but it looks like a difficult arrangement. I was very impressed.

If I had to think of some constructive feedback to say, I'd say maybe exaggerate dynamics a little more. Since guitar is naturally more quiet than most instruments, I've always been taught to exaggerate dynamics more. Keep in mind though that this comment is me looking for things to say, it's not like this jumped out at me. You've got it down.
Thanks dude! I appreciate it, it means a lot coming from probably the best classical guitarist on this forum

Yes, these arrangements are incredibly beautiful. If they were good enough for Christopher Parkening...then they are good enough for just about anyone

I agree about the dynamics, I could have done more with them. I partially blame my phone for having a terrible microphone, but I know now that I need to exaggerate a bit more if I am using such crappy recording devices
Wonderfully played man. Classical guitar is the one of the hardest instruments to play with dynamics. I once got eliminated from a competition I think because one of the judges didn't understand that. The others rated me reasonably.
However, what the classical guitar lacks in dynamics it makes up for in tonal variety. The incredible range of color that you can pull from a classical guitar is unlike so many other instruments. I love what you did with that at 0:38.
Maybe you could apply that concept to the end as well. I played the Mother Goose Suite with an orchestra in 2013 and I think this movement just fades into nothing. You could gradually come back in dynamics and also maybe play over the fingerboard on that last chord.
Excellent overall. Your playing is inspiring.
Beautiful man!

Its been awhile since I practiced classical guitar. Need to get my tuning peg for the high E string fixed....

Anyways, great job! Keep it up!

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