Hi everyone

I installed Guitar Pro 6 yesterday, so I'm still getting used to it, but already I noticed a few things which struck me as a bit annoying.

Let's take query no. 1: I have a 4/4 time signature and I've got a few tied semibreves. Logic would dictate that every time 4 notes are fulfilled, a single bar line would appear automatically. In other words, I should not have to "insert bar" myself.

Does anyone know a quick and easy way of putting single bar lines in manually without having to right click and insert a bar (which seems to mess things up as a completely new bar is created, not a bar line). Ideally I'd like a shortcut where I could quickly put them in right or left of whichever note is highlighted.

I hope that makes sense.

There's a key combination for it. Ctrl+shift+insert or ctrl+left alt+insert or something like that.