Hey thanks for the Crit on my track. I like the song man, its got great lyrics and a banging chorus, its one of those choruses that you just want more of. I think the drums are good beat wise but sound too thumpy and boxed... if that makes sense? I think its the snare that I am not so keen on it sounds like the drummers taken the snare away and playing it as a hi pitched tom almost. and I think maybe push those vocals back into the mix a little more with a tad more delay on them. But other than that good all round song!
Yeah the drums sound weird, almost so weird that I feel that it's intentional. Not bad, just unorthodox.

What do you play in the band? Or are you the singer? Just out of curiosity. The song sounds really professional, and the production value is through the roof. Not my forte really but it's oozing with great quality. I really don't have any criticism, the song is really solid. It's also very immersive. Great work in my opinion.
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Thanks guys.
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What do you play in the band?
In the studio I did all guitar and bass.
The new solo project, and spiritual philosophy... Album out now !
hybrid 6.0
Debut album 'Silent Destruction' out now
Read the Two Guys Metal review here
The Judist,
Thank you for the reviews! And here I thought you might be the white dude with white hair and white beard (who looks very similar to a former coworker) in "your" photo (even if he does not look like a rock musician). Your video is high quality. That is not the Cavern Club (where the Beatles played) is it? Vocals are just slightly pitchy at times, otherwise well sung & good vocal melodies/harmonies. Everything sounds quite good with the guitar, bass, and drums. The song itself (and audio quality) is very good!
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Sounds good. The song has a special vibe - it`s something like being drunk. I like the mix and the drums.
Yea this is awesome those vocals are insanely good sounding to my ears, and damn dat chorus is so good. At my funereal this song should start playing right after my eulogy. The guitar is sounding great you want it to be a little dirty and imperfect at times for this to keep that genuine sound.

The drums to me sound fine and fitting for some rock, honestly though I am not critical of drums it's not something I try to listen to critically in a song because it does not interest my ears most of the time, as long as it's driving the music along fine I couldn't careless .

the existentialism doesn't really resonate with me much except for the self individualizing part of it but I get that from objectivism or I guess you could call it post modern aristotelianism. I mean real philosophy deals with universality rationality reason, evidence and empirical reality, ideally now a days in the realm of morals and ethics to work towards a more freer peaceful society. Not much more to say about it though, it screams of authenticity and sounds great guys good job keep it up.
Kinda whimsical dreamy vibe, drawn through flows of sensual consciousness. Full of subtle suggestions and enigmatic evocations that open beautifully into the harmonised chorus of generous glory. The vocals are beautiful, softly sensual, with a characterful, almost nonchalant intonation in the verse, and a lush voluptuousness in the harmonies.
The band provide a consummate backing, full of organically immediate, shuffling rock groove and ringing guitars that perfectly create a classic soft rock feel.
Loads of commercial appeal here, nostalgically paradigmatic pop full of floating feeling, but also arty and cool too, carries me away into fanciful reminiscences of nothing in particular,,,,,
lovely music,,,,,
For another kind of pop you can C4C here.
It sounds really good, the overall mix is superb, as well as the song itself. The only "letdown" is the snare, altough it sounds good in the song, I wouldn´t use it. Otherwise, really good job!!