I am having a hard time finding out a whole lot of info on a guitar we have in the house. Its is a BC Rich Warlock Deluxe series. Everything I see online refers to an NJ series but i don't see NJ anywhere on the instrument. I am trying to figure out any specs on the instrument as well as place of manufacture. If i interpreted the serial number correct it was made in 2004 as 4 is the first number in the serial number. Any info would be great and if you need a specific pic to help just let me know what to take a photo of.
Just putting it out there that I am only posting this in this section due to the fact that I was denied the ability to post anywhere else.
"Widow" headstock? 6 on a side? Probably a wraparound fixed bridge? Look in the control cavity (take the cover plate off the back) see if it's plywood or not. That will be a big indicator.

I had an NJ Warlock years ago. I got it on the cheap. Pickups were a little weak, but it was a fun 2nd guitar to knock around with. Played alright and didn't sound horrible.
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