I put two songs in my music website: "The Mystery of Life" (which is on top), and "House of the Leader 2" is the next one down. Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved (and I will C4C, I promise!). Here is the link:


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Listening to the Mystery of Life. Cool bass, I love the strength and prominence. Leads are a bit low, but it adds to the ambiance. It's good either way I'd say. Drums are a bit low and not mixed as well as the rest of the track, some cymbal sounds are really harsh. I'm not a huge fan of the vocals but it's a matter of taste, they work very well. Cool leads as well, you're a talented player for sure.

Now the second track. Epic, beefy guitar tone straight from the start. I like the vocal effects as well, but this time I feel like the bass and the guitar meld together a bit too much. But the guitar tones are really badass throughout.

I think both were solid tracks, if there's something to improve it's the drums and the vocals, they're the parts that sound least professional. Guitar and bass were great though.
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Both have an 80s feel, to me.
Mystery of Life: Some of the lyrics and phrasing remind me (not saying it sounds like) ABC's "The Look of Love", which was unexpected. The guitar solo is pretty sick. Some of the levels between guitar, bass and drums could be reconsidered. Overall, pretty interesting.
House of the Leader 2: A bit dirtied and grittier. With the vocals and some of the sounds it reminds me of the kind of vocal songs Andy Summers did solo and even "Mother" when in The Police. So by association I like it

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Hello there, thanks for the Crit man I really appreciate it! I love the riff in this track! I feel the song has a great atmosphere surrounding it, but I also hear sometimes you're straining your vocals on the hi parts and reckon it could sound better one or two steps down from where it is... Have you considered trying this before? I like the song though (the mystery of life) Good work but give that a go mate and see if it helps
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Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it. For better or worse, I often feel like I have to strain my voice to get some grit into it (though I realize heaven086 may be talking about something different). Except for the drums, I would have to re-record the entire song if I had the vocals a step or two lower (to keep everything in key). That would be a big undertaking for me, and I don't think I could make it sound better by doing that anyway, but thank you for the suggestion.
overall I dig it there are some very cool goofy sounds going on that I was enjoying. I do not mean this in a bad way but I picture you in a strait-jacket in a room with 4 pillowed walls singing this, even the lead guitar gives off this manically weird phrasing but it's good.
Hey man...i like your music...you've got some great guitar and bass tones with some interesting effects.

Please let me know when you make more music man..i totally dig it

Some wierd music to my taste, I remember u doing something different but probably thats why u have so high range of doing different styles of music. Damn ur creativity is so huge, hope u will be big someday, just tell me when your concert and ill be there rock on!!

btw played and recorded solo a while back, would be cool if u crit it https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1680000
I love the vocal line in A Mystery at 1min, the song is pretty sweet and is full of trippy effects and epic guitar licks that are expertly mixed. Sick use of the whammy bar at times too!

The seconds song has a sick bassline, almost sludgy feeling. The vocals are slighlty Janes Addiction-espque and work pretty well. And damn that bassline is so sick and well produced, very catchy sound to it that makes me want to learn this. The vocal melody during the chorus is pretty epic too. Did you use programmed drums? Nice solo after! Both really good songs, I'm very impressed!

I will note that the vocals are strange, but I've listened to a lot of your songs before and I'd say they've grown on me and improved!

C4C please?
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I appreciate the reviews, thank you! For "The Mystery of Life" I used Rock Solid EZX operating within Superior Drummer 2: most of the drum patterns came from toontrack. For "House of the Leader 2", the drums are all Korg TR-Rack (a synth rack module): I did all of the drum patterns from scratch by myself; though I played the cymbals manually on a keyboard (triggering the TR-Rack).

Cool stuff. Like others have said, I really get an 80's vibe. The Mystery of Life is a really awesome track. The bass is just a bit load which makes it a little distracting at times. Guitar solo is awesome. Great tremolo work. I've heard a few of your tracks in the past and it feels like you're really learning your vocal range! Melodies are good and the Chorus is catchy. Keep it up.
Thanks for the reply. I've heard probably every song you've made this far and I dig it. You have what it takes to headline coachella
I listened to mystery, I think you have an Orgy/Pink Floyd sound. Very cool, love the bass, and the effects on the solo. You sound passionate about music, keep it up!!
The mystery of life:

By now I'm familiar with your style. This song is the best thing I've heard from you. The chord progression is nice, the lead sound is great, the synths are the best you've done so far and the vocals work great.

The house of the leader 2:

Didn't expect the "stoner rock riff". I like it very much. All the things above apply here as well.

I can hear lots of improvement in your songs. The only minor thing that catches my ear is that the mixes could be slighly "meatier". Especially the drums sounds a little thin to me.

Great job!
I like mystery of life, the bass sound is nice and tight and doesn't get in the way of the bass drums.

Your singing style is very distinctive, in a way similar to roger waters on the wall. I really like the guitar solo at 1.35, got a satriani to it.

Personally I'm not a huge fan of the eighties pop sound but I don't mind this, the synths aren't too over the top.

good stuff!
Hi aaron,

Thanks for the crit on mine. I've said it before and I'll say it again - the rate at which you churn out music is fantastic. The Mystery of Life- good moody intro. I like the vocals. They have an 80s vibe. 0:55ish sounded like classic Floyd- brilliant. I would make the song longer as I felt it had more places to go but other than that nothing bad to say! Overall I enjoyed it a lot. Keep it up!
Hey Hey

Thanks for the crit. My turn^^

Mystery of life: I like it globally. To me, the bass is really good and gives the ambiance. Also the vocals remind me of Pink Floyd (It's a very good point haha). It's well produced, sounds definitely 80's and I think it's what you wnated, right?^^

House of the leader 2: I have to say that I prefer this one to Mystery of life for its "insane" ambiance. This one, it reminds me of Type O Negative (a band I liked when I was younger haha). IT's all well mixed, I can"t tell you anything to improve your production haha. I just tell about my feelings one the song. As far as I listen to your songs, I just can say I become a fan haha.

Both the songs are very good, I liked it keep it up !

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Thank you for the reviews, I really appreciate it! I can't say I was consciously trying to sound like Pink Floyd, but they are one of my favorite groups, so I will take that as a compliment! I like a lot of 80's music, and I know much of my music sounds 80's, so no complaint there. I try to be well produced.
Nice stuff man! I pretty much agree with most of the above about both tracks. Very Floyd with a little bit of 80s New Wave in there too. I would also say that the bass is a little too high. As much as I'm more of a bass guy, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing
Hi Aaron!

Good quality as usual! I really liked the chorus to the Mystery of Life and all the instrumentation. It's amazing how many diverse and interesting songs one man can come up with.

I have no idea why but I kind of get the feeling that your vocals are the bottle neck that keeps you from having different volume levels in songs but maybe it's just your style and format. Anyhow, I guess if there's room for improvement it lies with the vocals and varying volume levels. If you don't want to change the volume from verse to chorus (or from song to song) so much, then you could probably consider putting in an unexpected crazy change (e.g. radiohead-I might be wrong) to spice things up in some places.

Anyway, I really like your work. It has genuine feeling to it and it is good music. Keep it up!! And why didn't you answer my PM?