I own a fender vaporizer amp (2x10) and I absolutely love it. I don't think my amp isn't loud enough but I had a question about hooking it up to a 4x10 ampeg bass cabinet. I know Josh Homme uses 10" bass cabinets for his amps, especially during Kyuss, and I've always loved his sound. I can get my hands on such a cabinet really easy and really cheap. So my question was: what will happen when I hook my amp up to such a cabinet? Will it go louder? Is it even a good idea? My amp says MIN 15 Watts output, 8 Ohm and the ampeg cabinet says 300 Watts (RMS) 400 Watts peak, 8 Ohms.

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Nah, your amp can output 15w at max.
Actually that rating is pretty much made up, as in every guitar amp.

Anyway, the amp may sound louder depending on the sensitivity of the speakers in the bass cab, but it would be a fairly bad idea to do something like that - guitar speakers color the sound quite a bit, and a guitar sound passed through a bass cab would be def interesting when clean, but a fizzy mess when distorted.

You may try, if you use a power cable you'll not ruin anything, but the resulting sound will probably be unpleasant.
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As long as the ohms match, and the wattage on the cab is bigger or the same as the amp, you'll be just fine. Plug in and have a good time. Those bass speakers aren't meant for the higher frequencies of the guitar, but it won't ruin anything.
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The general rule of thumb is that doubling the surface area of the speakers gets you an extra three decibels. Bass speakers are fine for guitar. If you need to push some serious volume you could always buy a power amp to go with the bass cabinet and slave your guitar amp out to it with a DI box.