Hi everyone!

I'm new here so hope I'm writing in the right section. I have an Ibanez RG1820X and a RP500 and I wanted to know if anyone knows a good set-up for the pedal, to play without an amp using headphones? I am trying different setups, but I can never get a heavy deep enough sound to play heavy metal. I would like a sound something in between Zakk Wylde and Slipknot, something heavy, but a bit rockier. I hope the question makes sense!

Get some decent standalone computer software like Amplitube. Free to download and then you just pay for amps/effects you want, and you can try them out for a couple days before you buy. I use it whenever I have to play silently and it's great.

If you don't want to spend any more money, there are a ton of free VST plugins and cab impulse responses out there that you can run through your DAW.
Oh I get what you mean, sorry. But you will get those tones from Amplitube standalone.