Hey everyone,

I'm starting out a subscription box service that caters to musicians specifically who play acoustic/electric guitar, bass, and drums. Every month there'll be a box of different accessories and essentials shipped out that are specific to the instrument you choose. We'll allow users to pick specific brands in the case that you only use one brand of strings or drumsticks for instance.

We're still in the pre-launch stage but I thought I would post here to see if anybody wanted to sign up beforehand and receive notice of our launch! http://jamcrate.com/launch/

If anybody has any questions don't hesitate to ask!
@MeGaDeth2314 It's a subscription based business so you pay for the amount of months you sign up for.
I'm assuming this is gonna be along the lines of drumsticks and decorative picks more than effects pedals and amp heads.
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I signed up to get notified. If the price of the subscription matches the price of the accessories in the crate, I might give it a try.

The only thing that I'm reluctant about is that there aren't many accessories that I need every month. Like, if I get some picks and strings in one crate, I'm probably not going to need them again next month, and there are only so many guitar accessories.
We want to try to organize and ship out our crates in a way that you'll get accessories and essentials in a frequency that the average musician might run out or need to replace a certain item (ie. strings or drumsticks).

As far as accessories go we want to try and provide musicians anything from guitar polish, humidifiers, and straps for guitarists and gel pads, a metronome and percussion instruments for drums (as examples).

So it'll be a surprise box of goodies every month specific to what instrument you'd like to receive a Jam Crate for.
I can see it being CONSIDERABLY more expensive than a nerd crate of cheap-to-manufacture products which you can market as being exclusive or ultra-discounted through subscription. Build quality on music equipment is - like any professional or 'serious-hobby' like field - much higher and much more consistent than a sweatband with an AoE logo on it or w/e. An average lootbox thingy is something like £25 with p&p. To make a sustainable business model you'd need to up the prices, and that would surely cut out a large portion of those who would be interested in this sort of thing (hobbyists, rich professionals, younger players not experienced with different brands, etc).

If it were just a music thing I can see it working, but I don't see you making a high-quality, respectable + sustainable business without pushing prices high enough to make it a rather exclusive luxury. and in the long term, repeat things (polish, metronome, etc) will be a 'give to a friend thing', but if they're a one-time thing, it'll make potential customers antsy about it.

not to give you shit or be a d!ck, but idk, I'm suspicious of how good a service can be delivered. Lootgrate and nerdboxx are both hella inconsistent themselves and they deal in shitty toys and tshirts
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I love lootcrate, well I've never used it, but I've seen these things pop up for everything from nerd shit, to japanese candies.

A musician one would be really cool.

Quote by MeGaDeth2314
I signed up to get notified. If the price of the subscription matches the price of the accessories in the crate, I might give it a try.

With similar subscription based monthly crates, they usually guarantee roughly 33% mark up than what you could get for the same price in store, the catch is it's a totally mystery what you get. A lot of them also send out 2 or 3 that are worth upwards to 500 every month if you're a lucky guy.

I see this working, but you're gonna be getting accesories, posters, download codes, and stickers.
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