Thank's for reading. I play in a metal band and you obviously can't be standing still on stage so I'm always moving around headbanging, jumping and just feeling the groove doing small bends at the knees doing sudden dips. However when I do jump or do dips (Mainly dips) my guitar suddenly cuts out this however has also happened when I'm just walking across the stage, as long as that motion is made my guitar may or may not cut out. (It doesn't cut out every time, but enough for me to be very weary of it), for not even a half second.

I've played through multiple amps and it happens on all of them. I've tried different cables and it still happens. I've even tried another guitar to prove that it wasn't the amp or cables and I didn't get it then. So the problem lies with this one guitar which is a Epiphone Love Death flying V. I have a gig coming up and that's the guitar I will do the whole set with mainly. I have very very little experience working with circuitry. So any idea what the problem is and how It can be fixed??????? Thank you again for taking the time to read and help.
Open the guitar up, gently wiggle wires one by one, and see what happens. It's probably just a loose/bad solder connection somewhere in the wiring in the guitar.
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One of the possible things are causes
- loose wire somewhere causing a break or short in the circuit when you move
- loose input jack shorting out on shielding paint
- Faulty potentiometer or switch causing intermittent contact
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Went through the whole guitar, checked all the connection, cables and so on.... turns out it was just that the battery for the emgs was loose so on extreme movement it lost it's connection hence the loss of signal.
i know you have yours fixed, but similar has happened to me and most of the time the jack was at fault. i have the same thing going on right now with my '52 RI tele.
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1st thing i thought of was the jack too
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+1 to it’s the jack. Personally I’d just replace it—they’re cheap and it takes less time to replace it than it does to clean the old solder of the existing jack.