I wanted to get M Audio Fast Track but apparently they don't have it in the warehouse anymore and my order got cancelled. Other local shops don't have because it's a pretty old model.

So I looking for a good quality Audio Interface on a budget and was wondering if you guys could give me an advice on what model to get.

I just need a clean tone from my guitar, no need for fancy stuff

My price range: 60 - 90 euro
Where are you located? If you can't find a Fast Track you might have limited options. Could you find a Focusrite Scarlet Solo? It might just fit your price range, you could record one input at a time and it's very nice quality.
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I'm in France at the moment. I still can order online like on ebay or amazon with internetional shipping, it's no big deal, it's just getting it locally is less hassle but I don't mind.

I looked it up seems great and reviews are nice as well. Looks like this is my best bet. Thank you!
Gonna grab one tomorrow via local store or just order it online
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