I just purchased a 2nd hand (hardly touched at all) Mighty Might MM2910FCR. This is the one with the actual Ebony fretboard, and is cut for a floyd shelf. The neck had been bolted onto a guitar, but was taken off because the seller never got around to completing the project. Before selling it, he got the frets all leveled and crowned, and damn do the frets look good(It also came with a set of those Wilkinson EZ lok tuners Guitar Fetish sells, which I don't intend to keep on it, but hey, it'll give me a chance to mess around with em and see what they're like ). Got the whole thing for $125 (the neck has been discontinued with the floyd shelf, you can only get em with a regular nut, and when they did still make em, they ran at $220), and being that there's hardly a scratch on it, I'm happy

So, the guitar this is going on has a wilkinson vs100, not a floyd, so I found this. It's an ebonol nut made to fit on a floyd shelf. What do you think I should do? Go with this? Get a regular floyd nut? Is there a roller nut made to fit in a floyd shelf?

Also, since the wilky is satin chrome, I'm going with hipshot lockers in satin chrome as well. Can I buy a string retainer in satin chrome, or should I just buy a regular chrome one and take a 3M scotchbrite pad to it
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If you're not going to get a Floyd Rose bridge, and instead going for something non-locking without fine tuners, then don't use a locking nut. They have a tendency to bend the strings sharp as you lock the nut down, and since you're not going to have fine tuners to deal with that, then getting the guitar in tune with the nut locked down will be a royal ballache.
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