hey all!

So we're releasing a second album pretty soon. As with the first one, our drummer took care of the recording and most of the mixing but one of our friends did the mastering.

This song is a bit of a departure for us since it's a bit darker than our other stuff. We also added a few synth layers in there. We tried to be subtle because none of us really like really synthy, fake 80s sounds

We were going for a "what if Jefferson airplane's favorite band was TOOL" kinda vibe.

It's unfortunately a bit too late to be able to change stuff in the mix but I'm curious what you'll think of the levels and such, in particular the vocals. Our last EP got a bit of flack from bloggers that we had mixed the vocals to be a bit too loud. So we deliberatly brought it back a smidgen this time.

Thank you for your comments and obviously I'll C4C

Thanks for the C4C dude, I enjoyed your track, that snare is great in the build up of the song and the chord progressions is really good too. Good vocals and melodies over the top of the song that are quick and catchy, and nice lyrics to combine it all together. I think the vocals to me in some places have an 80s vibe going on and I really like that. The only real down side to this song is the length of nearly 5 minutes, to an average listener they will listen to some and then move on, personally I will listen to longer songs myself but depending on your fan base they may like the longer songs too. but that is the only crit I can give you. other than that its great!
thanks, the album is actually going to be a mix of short and long songs, hehe. However this one is the longest
Hey man,

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my track and providing your valuable insight.

I'm not sure what style this is, but I want to hear more! This is arranged very well. The mix is excellent. I can hear all the tonal voices easily. I'm digging the production quality here!

Here are some of the moments from the song that caught my attention:

0:05 Feedback is a little distracting...
0:20 Clean guitars fade in over the aforementioned feedback, very cool effect!
1:00 I really dig the singer's voice, very pleasant with an admirable range.
1:14-1:35 This section reminded me of Rodrigo and Gabriela.
2:05 Vocals really cut through very well here.

Thanks for the quality listen! Hopefully I can hear some more from you
Hey man thank YOU for the great comments! The feedback at the beggining is a leftover from live shows. We usually start this song with a bass/drum jammy thing.

Our album is still under wraps for now (actually you guys are getting an exclusive... dont tell my wife) i'll post it here when its out.

Keep the constructive criticism coming guys!

PS as far as the production value goes, i cant take credit, our drummer mixed everything at his place. He's pretty good
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Hello there! Thanks for the feedback.

I thoroughly enjoyed your song. I know you mentioned in your post that you intended to bring the vocals down in the mix but it seems that at some points they get a bit muffled. Particularly during the "woah's" in the chorus. This could just have something to do with the singer being to close to the microphone. However, the vocals are very good.

I love the intro. At first, I thought it was going to build up into a clichéd metal riff but I was genuinely surprised when it went into the grooving clean guitars. Great chord progressions.

Overall, great song. Keep it up!
Awesome opening with military snare and ominous feedback leading into minor arpeggios and passionate, smoothly phrased soulful voice.
A lush, super thick arrangement, mega meaty, this is a masterpiece of production and sound engineering, simply outstanding in it's sonic impact.
I have slight reservations about the vocal sound, with sounds a bit thin and over-effected, although the sharp tone is needed to a degree to pierce through and sit upon the crowded mix.
Consummate musicianship delivers this complicated, detailed arrangement with panache and aplomb. Really, I've never heard anything quite like this, it's kinda metal pop soul. Very original, an idiom of its own.
For an different impression of expression, you can C4C here.
Military style drums on intro. Nice vocals! I wouldn't complain if they were a touch louder, though my headphones don't emphasize vocals. People routinely say my vocals are too loud. Drums sound very good especially for real drums, I assume. Mix is slightly boomy (kick?), though my headphones somewhat emphasize low frequencies (and high frequencies). Otherwise I would have listened to it a bit louder. Nice song & recording! Please review my music at this link:

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thanks for the reviews all,

So we launched the digital version of the album today, you can listen to it here:


The actual CD launch will be at a show on the 11th. Anyone here from Montreal? We'd love to see you.

If you're wondering why the label is a beer label it's because we're collaborating with a local craft beer maker and we're releasing our own brand of beer (the different days american amber ale). Again, if you're in montreal, I'd love to get you one!

Thanks again for the reviews, feel free to check out the other songs and comment

EDIT: Aaron Aardvark, I just saw your post. I have to leave now but I will review your song when I come back later tonight or tommorow