the production of sound quality has really changed in the last few years with bands adding more effects to their line up. I never used a tube amp in my 17 years of playing guitar and when I played live there were alot of gigs it was just me, my digitech and a 15 watter miced to a PA. I thought it sounded really really great back then. Now I guess my tone ear has gone into overdrive. I just seen Imagine Dragons in concert and I only went for my sons bday present. After listening to them live then their recorded music holy crap they sound just as good. I seen a behind the scene footage of a band (can't recall) and they were showing off their amps they use and thought as small as they are are they miced too? I have always wanted that metallica load/reload distortion and to this day im still obsessed to obtain it. I have been out of playing live for almost ten years and im starting to learn more now and its embarrassing. like an amp makes a world of difference in sound... i always thought it was just the guitar and pedals. right now my rig is a 20 watt crush amp I got for fathers day, a couple of low end guitars and some zoom pedals. Im happy with the quailty of sound im getting I just want more or better... I cant explain it. Our family is ok on money but with kids I just cant go out and buy the most high end gear out there. I just need to relearn to be content with what I have. Any of you out there ever have this problem? Do you ever get the tone you want with the gear you have? F&#King metallica... with their modded amps and one of a kind distortions.... grrrrr
well you don't need high end custom gear to get a decent sound. a good amp is pretty key. your current amp is just a practice amp so you can't expect miracles. i'd suggest getting some better gear if you want a better sound. you can find reasonably priced tube amps and a couple of fx pedals that will get you at least in the ball park of the tone you mentioned. yes rock stars use way better gear tha most of us can afford but you'd be suprised. if you can't go tube then perhaps a better modeller would get you closer.

you can't really expect to duplicate most modern tones exactly. even many of the artists can't duplicat the album tone live. many are using things like axe-fx on records and of course live. expensive. although i have a couple of tube amps and a pile of fx pedals for recording i use a Line 6 POD (results in link in profile) it's easier and more consistent tone wise. while it won't replicate my live sound it's good enough for what i'm doing.
like the music man. do you use a line 6 plugged straight in? Id like to find something i could use for my chromebook.
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like the music man. do you use a line 6 plugged straight in? Id like to find something i could use for my chromebook.

i record using a Zoom digital 8-track recorder. never tried it through a computer. i like the idea of having a dedicated unit made for recording rather than just putting through a computer. the Zoom has a really good drum machine built in so that's a plus. my POD is an older one but the new ones can be plugged straight in to most computers with USB cord. i also don't use the POD in my live setup it just doesn't sound very good through my amps. i could plug it into aPA in a pinch though.

oh and thanx glad you like the tunes.
I you want Metallica you want a Mesa/Boogie MK 2 C+ and that will kill or rather expand your tone awareness.

Try a Triaxis or Quad pre amp and again your awareness will change dramatically.

The above mentioned amps are killer tone monsters and all tube based. That is what is called SOUND!!

Metallica crunch takes Mesa/Boogie and the right one at that. Nothing comes more close.

I was hunting for that tone (Justice area) too and a Quad preamp does it well enough for me.
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ok stupid question...how do preamps work?

um... the preamp is just a section of the amplifier. it's where the gain and tone controls are. much like a component stereo you can buy components for guitar amps as well. the preamp and the power amp. the power section should be self explanatory.
Quad and Triaxis pre amps are dedicated tube monsters that shapes the gain and sound on it's own and as a results for adding a power amp of your choice.

I forgot to mention the Mesa/Boogie studio preamp which also has the "Metallica" kind of gain structure.

The poweramps at the time were Mesa Boogie Strategy 400/500 or a bit later 2:90.

You can go direct to a mixer or tape recorder. Here is the studio:


Here is the Quad:

Ok guitar guys, I need all of yalls help...

I am playing a gibson 2015 les paul studio with a marshal 15h and 2x12 fender VM cab.

So I started noticing that the lows have gotten really shitty sounding and muddy however, is even possible that my little marshall 15h head has blown the speakers on a 160 watt capable 8 ohm cab? It seems crazy right??? For some reason Marshall DSL15H is more than capable of creating really really really big bass sound especially for a 15 watt tube head? could it be the tubes? help me out guys. How can I check the speakers to make sure they are good?
If you blow a speaker you generally get little to no sound at all or a very distorted sound. In my experience if you blow a speaker you know it immediately. It's more than a muddy change in tone. but that's my experience (I've blown a few over the years.)
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
So I can rule out the speaker being shot ( thanks Rickyholly74 )

next issue: The Marshall DSL15H has way way way too much gain, to the point that anything after 2 sounds like crap. Now that I have decided to retube it, I noticed the last bias was set to a matched pair at 30 how much of the unusable drive can I get rid of if I have it biased a bit colder? also Does anyone know anything about clipping the c75 and c34?
Hey Tellem, maybe you should start your own thread to get better replies, this one is discussing getting a particular tone.