I have a Hamer CX4Q model, and would like to put a tremolo arm on it. It has a tremolo bridge already installed, but I did not get a tremolo arm with it. I also could not find information on what kind of tremolo this is. It looks like it is a Fulcrum tremolo, but I'm not sure. I know it takes a threaded trem arm. Are tremolo arms specific to the bridge, or can I buy any threaded tremolo arm? And how can I tell what kind of bridge I have?

You can buy replacements fro the standard strat style arms, but I don't think they are all standard. Take it to a music store or three and try a couple to see what fits. If it's a screw in chances are it might be the same as the ones used in Fenders.
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it may be hard to find the right trem arm. threaded ones can have different thread spacing and diameters.

may be worth emailing hamer.
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