Hi, so I've been playing around 6 months and I've just started to realize that my posture and technique is probably crap. So if you guys could help me out that would be wonderful!

This first one is the most comfortable and how I've been playing, with 3 fingers.

This one is what I believe to be "correct" except that my wrist always hurts, its hard to spread my fingers apart, and I can't slide easily.

This last one is easier than the ring finger version but more difficult than the first still. Arm/wrist also hurt for this one.

I was just wondering how I should angle my arm, wrist, and fingers to play as relaxed as efficiently as possible? I'm left handed btw.
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I'm not exactly sure what you're asking, but I will give you the basic golden rules to playing position.

1. wrists straight - keep your wrists straight so that the muscles that control your fingers (which are located near the elbow) aren't already pulling the tendons.
2. angle the neck a little more vertical, and don't bunch up your arms near your body, let them out a bit.
3. don't 'wear' your guitar too low, you might look a little more nerdy, but you'll actually be able to play without any medical issues.
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I'm older and had some tennis elbow and tendonitis from playing guitar. I started doing stretches and also got a pair of baoding balls from a Chinese health shop. They really helped relieve the tension and get me back into playing shape. Tilting the headstock up more will help if you can't bend your wrist so it's more parallel with the floor, but if you bring your elbow in closer to your side, relax your shoulders, and work on it, gradually you should be able to get your wrist to turn in more, which will help your fingers align better with the fretboard.
Thanks for the replies! Also, what finger position should I use between the three for say a power chord? Index and ring, index and pinky, or index, ring, and pinky?
I've seen people do it with index and ring. Index and pinky is easier to pull off but it hinders your ability to play extra notes with your pinky so index and ring is probably best leaving the pinky free.
I personally prefer doing it with Index ring and pinky
Whatever's comfortable, experiment with all of them, and if a powerchord appears in tab, look at how you'd play the tab and work out which one of those would be the easiest to transition into.
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no girl, movember isnt for you. shave your stache pls

I can out-bore you any day