ERADIKATOR Announce Pledge Campaign For New Edge Of Humanity Album

Eradikator are a four-piece thrash metal band from Birmingham UK, the birthplace of heavy metal. Wearing their influences proudly on their sleeves, Eradikator set out fast and intense thrash metal with a strong melodic sensibility, very much in the vein of 80s Metallica, Exodus, Megadeth and Testament.

Produced by the legendary Russ Russell, their new album Edge of Humanity is 46 minutes of ferocious riffs and big melodies guaranteed to get any metal fan’s blood rushing. Add modern production and the result is an album that fans of the golden age have been waiting for since Metallica gave up thrash for corporate stadium rock.

The band are raising funds to give the release the support it deserves, and are offering a range of packages ranging from exclusive merch to lessons to a gig in your very own home! To make a pledge, click here:



Here’s the full list of packages:

“Mesmerised” Rare and Unreleased Music Video
Custom drawing by Liam
Edge of Humanity Poster Signed by the whole band
Edge of Humanity (Access Pass)
Edge of Humanity T-Shirt – B&W (includes album download)
Edge of Humanity on CD
Eradikator Beanie
Eradikator Trucker Hat (snapback)
Edge of Humanity T-Shirt – Colour
Edge of Humanity CD signed by the whole band.
Personalised Answer Phone message from the Band
Signed Drum Head
Studio Lyric Sheets
Guitar Lesson with Andy MacNevin
Edge of Humanity Zip Hoody
Drum lesson with Jon
VIP Concert Experience
Marshall Mode Four Amplifier
Record a Cover Song of Your Choice (mutually agreed)
Eradikator will play at your House
CD and T-shirt Combo
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