Months ago I opened a thread asking for advice because I was wondering what amp could be my best choice (link) and I found an used peavey vypyr 120 tube + sampera II for 300€... When I was going to buy it, it was sold
Has anyone any alternative to it? 350€ as maximun. I live in Spain.
A distributor in South America got a bunch of Vypyr Tube 60s. Somehow. Josh knows more.

Loud amp.

You got some good recs in your other thread.

Jet City maybe
Used Peavy XXX/JSX/Ultra
Used Line 6 spider valve/vetta/flextone
What about the mkii spider valve from line6 in comparison with the peavey?
Yes, I'm not a fan of solid state sounds too. Found a Vypyr 120W tube + sanpera II for 350€.