Hi folks, I have an eletro-accoustic guitar and I'm really interested in getting good guitar sweels out of it.

So, imagine these are my pedals:
1st. Behringer DD600 (Digital Delay)
2nd.Behringer EM600 (Echo Machine. I may also trade this for the Echo Park Line 6)
3rd. Behringer CD400 (Chorus - Optional)
4th. Behringer NR300 or the boss NS2 (Noise Reducer - Optional)
5th. Fender EXP1 (Volume Pedal)

Can I make good guitar swells with these pedals? I can't afford anything too much expensive so if you have other alternatives please don't suggest anything too much expensive. But before you give any suggestion please answer to my 1st question (Can I make good guitar swells with these pedals?).

Thanks as always for your attention and patience with me

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If those are your pedals, they will work for swells until you can get better. Set one delay for a long delay, set the other for a short delay, and maybe add a touch of chorus to add some sparkle and depth to the sound. I usually use a TC Electronic Nova Delay in conjuction with some long reverb off of my Line 6 M5.
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Why would you not simply get a processor instead of many poor-quality pedals?
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Ok any suggestion for any processor?
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