I have a dilemma. I have a lovely MC58 Artist. I love the looks, weight, feel, and action of this guitar. But I am not bonding with the tone of the 57/08s (sacrilege, I know). I prefer the Dragon IIs in my CE22, but it's the weight that kills me (1.2 pounds heavier than the MC58).

For the most part, I run it through a Boss GT-100 directly into the sound board, or into a Peavey Stereo Chorus or Bandit running clean. The MC58 just sounds harsh/hollow to me at times.
Should I keep messing with the settings until I find it, or put the MC58 up for trade locally, or sell it outright.
If letting it go, what would be a good alternative? 408? DGT? Other ideas?

Thanks is advance.
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try a pickup swap?
I've never really been a fan of any of the prs pickups.
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Yeah I prefer the Dragon II's in my CE22 also, probably the best pickups PRS made IMO. Maybe throw a set of them in the McCarty if you like them.

But a good amp can make a world of difference
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I've never tried those pickups but I personally really enjoy trying new pickups out. It's like getting a new guitar, and inspires me to branch out musically (for example just got a true velvet in my ibanez and it's inspired me to learn some blues songs). I say go for the change