Hello to all friendly UG members

Anyways, I bought a guitar amplifier Vox VT20+ a few months ago. Every single model of it is are absolutely amazing(AC30 with compressor) and it made me create really weird sound with all of it's built-in effects that came with it.

However, there was problem behind it and it was the hum(specifically 100Hz). I remember when I turned the amp on straight from the box, I noticed there was a hum when I engaged the Power level. Few minutes later, it made a weird sound(a sound where your amp has blown up or something/when you turn off the amp while you still have volume on) and then bam! Hum's gone!

At first I freaked out over it, then I started to ignore it like 'it's alright'

Then a week later I started to realise that the problem was become a bit more annoying because it would stay humming itself like that for hours.

Also I made a video about the problem for those who doesn't understand what problem i'm dealing with this amp Clicky!

(notice I put the Power Level at 1'oclock somewhere 0:52 and it starts to sound a bit louder)

Do any of you VT+ owners(who have this amp) have this problem too? If so, how did you manage to solve it?
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I have two VT30 amps. One of them I bought new off of EBay. The EBay amp had a hum but I changed the tube and it went away. No telling what is causing your hum but that fixed mine. The other VT30 I have I bought new and it has no issues. I love these amps.

FYI. If you don't have the foot switch for these amps, get it. I know they are expensive ($60.00) but it makes using the amp on gigs so much better.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.