Hello everyone, i'm looking for a singer to record vocals on my tracks, which are mainly progressive rock and/or experimental music.

Quick introduction: i'm Dani Davidson from Hungary, 19 years old, guitar and bass player (also have a midi keyboard but i've only been playing that for a couple of months), and i know what the most of you are thinking now: damn, Hungary is far away. I feel you, i admit there won't be a chance to actually perform live, at least not in the near future.

I offer something else, something like a side project, that won't take up that much of your freetime (i play guitar in a local band as well, we have gigs and rehearsals, so yeah). Every now and then i come up with a track, and i really need someone to write the vocal parts, including lyrics, and record them. I already have a few tracks uploaded to soundcloud, and i keep them coming. Here's a link, and make sure to contact me if you're interested:


I know i suck at mastering and mixing, but i have found a guy to do that already, so don't worry about it.