Hello everyone, i'm looking for a singer to record vocals on my tracks, which are mainly progressive rock and/or experimental music.

Quick introduction: i'm Dani Davidson from Hungary, 19 years old, guitar and bass player (also have a midi keyboard but i've only been playing that for a couple of months), and i know what the most of you are thinking now: damn, Hungary is far away. I feel you, i admit there won't be a chance to actually perform live, at least not in the near future.

I offer something else, something like a side project, that won't take up that much of your freetime (i play guitar in a local band as well, we have gigs and rehearsals, so yeah). Every now and then i come up with a track, and i really need someone to write the vocal parts, including lyrics, and record them. I already have a few tracks uploaded to soundcloud, and i keep them coming. Here's a link, and make sure to contact me if you're interested:


I know i suck at mastering and mixing, but i have found a guy to do that already, so don't worry about it.
Hello, Daniel.
I'm a mexican guitarist/vocalist, I liked your music, I'm interested in your idea, what kind of vocals are you looking for?
Id love to do something like this. Your tracks sound great and Id be able to add a lot to them. Im a 17 year old singer, guitarist and keyboardist and have tons of experience with recording and mastering. Ive been looking for someone to collab with for a while and Im really interested. If you want to get in touch, email me at ekrohn113@gmail.com

Good luck mate