I have just a quick little question about bridges on Squier/Fender Basses.

On the bridges they have the 5 in a row holes but would it work to put a bridge on it like some Ibanez's with the 4 holes? (I added a picture as an attachment of it) and will it hold up? The reason I ask is because it's hard to find a really affordable 5 hole one that isn't shipping from China which takes forever to ship.
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Well; you could swap out just about any bridge for just about any other bridge, simply by removing the original bridge and filling in the screw holes with plastic wood, epoxy, or wooden dowels. Then you just align the new bridge and measure off the right mounting position so as to ensure that the scale length is correct, and then drill the new screw holes.

The standard Fender five-hole Jazz bridge is so common that it is easy to find a drop-in replacement for it. Take a look at the offerings from AllParts.com. They have a good selection, and even if you are not in the U.S.A., shipping is not likely to be too expensive.

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