Hey all,

House flooded a while back, so slowly starting to get my stuff back. "only" lost one guitar though but lost my amp, and 7 out of my 10 pedals. Amp's yet to be determined, but I'm a pedal guy and will grab something that handles pedals with ease, but that's for another day. (Budget's probably around $1000~ish CAD for the amp, so will be ok quality)

To be replaced:
Wah - Bonamassa Wah $225CAD
Delay - Boss DD3 $160CAD
Compressor - Boss CS-1 $125 CAD
OD - Fulltone OCD $140 CAD
Octave - Boss OC-3 $140 CAD

(I've already replaced: Distortion (Wampler Triple Wreck), looper (Jamman), tuner (Polytune))

I'm a basement jammer, don't gig at all - haven't for 15 years. I play a ton of rock/grunge/hard rock stuff (think Foos, Tool, AIC, etc)

I'm probably looking at just replacing everything with the same stuff (or similar anyway) except for the OCD and the Octave Pedal. So, keeping everything but replacing the OCD and Octave, any suggestions?

Was thinking maybe a chorus pedal, maybe a flange, but I'm not sure I'd ever use them. Budget would have to stay sorta close, since insurance covers it. Gotta go new too, since I need a receipt.
If you liked what you had, go get it all again. c: Sorry about your originals though.

You might could save a bit by getting a budget wah like the Modtone Wah or a standard Crybaby. The OCD is a bit more distortion rather than OD. Depending how you used it, the DOD Boneshaker might be a good investment for drive. You could get a decent multi effects for delay, reverb, wah, and comp, and save a bit of money that way. I'd get standalone drive boxes though.

And an amp suggestion: You might could score an AC30, that would help you get your tones wonderfully.
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If you liked what you had, go get it all again. c: Sorry about your originals though.

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