Hi, I want a Surf Green Fender Squier strat Affinity, with a pearloid pick guard. I've searched everywhere and can only find pearl pick guards with a humbucker and 2 single coil pickups, but i need a pearloid pick guard for 3 single coil pickups. Any other cheap way to get this kind of guitar? Thank You. (i dont want to buy a real fender because im a newbie, and my parents probably dont think that would be such a great idea.)
IKNMusic on ebay , they are 11$ (US dollar) including a backplate and enough screws to replace everything. Chances are you'll have to re-drill the holes that attach to the body but I've worked on many affinity and bullet strats. They are in 14-15 colors. I had such a good response with this company that I probably bought close to 1000 of them to sell locally.
if not
greasy groove or whatever
most if not all the ones from draognfire to greasygroove are USA sellers so if you're north american too you'll get them quicker but pearloid is pearloid as long as you get that look you want.

at the end of the day you want 3 ply, it may cost a dollar or two more but it's less likely to warp or bend. IKNMusic as well as a bunch of other ebay sellers sell 43 x 27cm blanks too for 19$ give or take for price and measurements with free shipping. I haven't purchased blanks in 2 years myself so the price may have increased a tiny bit. It's enough to do two pickguards or 8 backplates. But who wants to draw out and cut a pickguard template, we just want to rock.

and good for you not buying a real fender being a newbie , skill and talent comes from practice and hard work not "pick measuring" as i call it who has the most expensive guitar. By the way a guitar processor goes a very long way.

i rushed when i took most of these photos but the jist of it
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(sorry for not replying for a while) I just got a sweet white pearloid pickguard for my guitar from IKNmusic! Yes, i had to redrill the holes, but it fits nice! And I've never heard of a guitar processor? but i got some guitar pedals from GuitarCenter. Thank you!