hi everyone, i'm looking to get a new mic and i'm trying to decide between the sm57 and the sm58. from what i know the sm58 is a vocal mic and the sm57 is an instrument mic, but i can only afford one. i need to record both vocals and guitar.

so the question is - would it be better to use the sm57 as a vocal mic, or the sm58 as an electric guitar mic (mic'ing the guitar cab, mostly clean/undistorted sounds)? my amp is a princeton reverb reissue.

thanks in advance!
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Yeah, they're essentially the same thing, the SM58 is hardly a 'vocal' mic in the studio, but others here don't share that opinion with me.

The one thing I can say is that I use a 57 on my princeton and it sounds perfect, so you're not going wrong on that side of things. We also pull in passable vocal tracks with a 57 when getting scratch ideas down, so I suppose if I took my time and used a bit of post-processing, a 57 could produce a keeper vocal track.
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Nearly identical mics. The main difference is the windscreen which helps to reduce pops and esssses. Backing off a few inches with a 57 or using a clip-on pop filter solves that in a studio.
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if you "recording" vocals,. I would NOT uses the 58, playing live YES the 58 is prefect

your going to get much better vocal recording from a mic more suited for studio work ( again the 58 is a LIVE mic) something like a Samson C1 would be 10 times better then a 58 and $20 cheaper as per sweetwater current prices.

Vocal wise a 58 is far from a good mic for recording.

the 57 is a good enough for Recording guitar because it is good to capturing High volume guitars,.

BUT you may find the C1 or another mic's more suited to recording guitar as well cause it will give you a more fuller guitar sound.

for live and jamming with a Band You HAVE to have a 58 for vocal, it's the Stratocaster & Les Paul of vocal Mic's. you may find a better mic But the 58 is the standard the others try to better.
I actually prefer a beta 57 in studio for guitar and a Microtech Gefell M92 or SM27 for vocals. The SM27 is great for Tenor or Baritone type voices, which is why it's also a great kick mic.