Good song. All I have to say mix wise is that the drums lack a little. They just need a little more...POW if you know what i'm saying. But overall it's pretty cool.
Hello there.

This is pretty cool. The composition is good - nice riffs and the leads work well. The drums are well sequenced and sound pretty genuine. Your fills sound really good - I struggle to program them so realistic.

The area where I would say it could be improved most is in the mix. It doesnt sound bad but it could use some more power in the kick drum - maybe lose a little of the low end to it and add some more attack. The crash cymbals are a little airey too - maybe a bit too much high end on them. Possibly a little more volume on the snare. These are fairly minor tweaks but could make it a little more powerful.

Anyway, a nice track. Good stuff.

Nice dude, reminds me of The Sword and gives a similar charging into battle feeling. I'm not sure if I would call it metalcore but wow it really fits the classic metal genre really well. I like the retro style! Could definetly use a singer and that would make a huge difference. Overall, good job dude!

C4C please?