Currently obtained a used LP copy and it comes with SH6 pair for neck and bridge.

Bought the axe because it's cheap and has these pickups in it.

Not much of a metal player, more to classic rock and preferably bluesy gary moore and eagles stuff.

Are these SH6 pickups capable of them or need to be tamed down?

So far all the videos I've seen on youtube are all samples of metal playing, no classic rock or bluesy tones from the SH6.
Try the neck pickup in the bridge with a 59 or something. I like it in the bridge a lot.
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The SH6 is like a hotter JB with better lower end. You'll probably find yourself rolling the volume knob off a bit for the classic rock stuff.

Try it out before you swap them, maybe kick your gain on the amp down a bit too or the volume on the tubescreamer if you use one.
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^ yeah. if they already come in the guitar you might as well try them in case you like them. if you don't, then you can change them.
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I think you'll like it just fine for the most part - a lot will depend on your amp. It isn't a "metal" humbucker in the strictest sense. It is hot, tighter on the low end, good bite, but it isn't like putting a DS1 into the clean channel of a Fender amp. I think you'll like it quite a bit for classic rock and even some bluesy type stuff - it will push your preamp and give you a nice breakup on low gain settings. And if you run a higher gain amp like a marshall, you can just dial back the knobs to compensate. It isn't like the minute you plug into your amp that raging pantera noises are going to come flying through your speakers. Give it a try and you might be happy with it. I avoided it for a long time because of its name. But I finally bit and gave it a shot, and I really like it.
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