Hi, sorry for bothering you with this but i'm looking for a pedalboard and I'm kind of uncertain about wich one I should choose.

I'm thinking about the zoom G1Xon or the zoom G3. I read the manuals of those pedalboards (ZoomG3 and the G1Xon). Both of the pedalboards have the exact same amount of effects if I remember right (correct me if I am wrong please).

This would be my first pedalboard and it would be nice if I could do some decent ambient guitar backgrounds / guitar swells with it.

I read the manuals but i'm still not sure about the number of pedals that G1 and G3 can emulate at the same time. I think G3 has a 3 pedal limit, right? And the G1 has a 5 pedal limit, correct?

Please let me know why you would choose the G1 over the G3 or the G3 over the G1.

Thanks in advance,
IIRC G3 has a 6 pedal limit. I still use the un-upgraded 3 pedal G3. The extra footswitches on the G3 come in handy.
The G3 is 6 pedals (including an amp sim) these days. Only the early ones had a 3 pedal limit, and I think you can upgrade them.

As for whether you should get the G1on or G3, that depends what you're after. If you're gigging, the G3 is definitely the answer. Don't even consider the G1on.

If you only want a cheap solution for headphone practice, I'd recommend the G1on. It has slightly fewer effects, and works in editable patches rather than stomp box mode, but it does have an aux input which is a useful practice tool so you can play along with your mp3 player.
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I'd say G3. Getting the firmware update to use 3 to 6 effects at the same time isn't difficult. V2.1 is the latest version. Mine came with V1 stock. You need a USB cable though. My G3 works great live, you can keep it in patch scrolling mode.
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Humm yeah, I'll probably take the G3 or G3X (that expression pedal will become handy).
Just another question: Do you think that I can do good guitar swells with the G3/G3X ? Do they include any pedal similar to the El Capistan?
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The G3 is 6 pedals (including an amp sim) these days. Only the early ones had a 3 pedal limit, and I think you can upgrade them.
You can upgrade them. As an FYI... battery life goes down after the upgrade.
If you don't need battery power, then get the G5; much more powerful and worth the extra $.

I've got one of those, a G1Xon, and 2 MS-50s. The G5 is so much more versatile.

The G1Xon is great for travel; it's small but still has an expression pedal and headphone jack; you can power it from a laptop or phone charger or 4 batteries, but they drain fast whether you use them or not (even when it's off). It's pretty fragile, though.

The MS-50s are great for adding extra functionality to an existing rig, but they suck for travel since there's no headphone jack.

Both the G5 and G3 are too big for travel, but fine for local gigs or for a small touring rig.
I'd get the G3, the looper and drum tracks come in handy for practice.
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The G1Xon has looper and drums too. But you can't use them at the same time.

I already own a loop station rc1 so that won't be na issue
Ok so this is all the information I have so far:
Both of the pedalboards (G1On and G3) have the same sound quality because they use the same processors.
G3 has 16 more effects than the G1On but that won't affect my choice.
The G3 can run 6 pedals at the same time while the G1On can run 5.
The pedalboard is meant to be used at home and sometimes in small gigs.
I think that the G1On is enough... I mean, why would I give 200€ for a G3 when I can buy a very similar product for 100€ ?

Because the G3X allows you to control more things at once and because it's not as fragile.

The G1Xon is very frustrating for live use compared to a full-scale MFX pedal--trust me; I've been using it live weekly for the last several months, and really miss my real rigs. It's great that it's light and has all I really need for a temporary MFX solution while I'm traveling a long way from home, and not playing real gigs. Also it's cheap enough that if it gets trashed I don't have to care. But when I get back home it likely won't leave the suitcase until the next big trip. The G5 is even better than the G3--so much more control, but even that I only use for my practice rig at home. For gigs I mainly use a larger Digitech MFX, sometimes along with an Zoom MS-50, or a medium Digitech MFX with an MS-50. Occasionally I bring a 100w half-stack, but usually I just plug in direct to the house PA.

Until you own a highly capable Multi Effects (MFX) unit, and learn how to use it to it's full potential, it might be hard to appreciate how the additional buttons and dials actually make it a lot simpler to use than a unit with less controls.

For your use, the G1Xon could hold you back. Its best use is as a disposable practice MFX pedal for travel. It's next to useless if you need to control more than one effect in the same song, and it takes too long between songs to set up if you even want to control one effect (like turning on the distortion at the beginning of Teen Spirit, or turning on and off the pitch shifter for playing Seven Nation Army).

Also, the processing isn't as capable as the G3; you might not be able to run certain amp sims at the same time as a noise limiter and certain reverbs (or many of the other effects). Even the G5 has limitations, but that starts around 7 effects at the same time, whereas the G1Xon can have a hard time doing 3.

200 Euros is definitely worth it, and I'd actually recommend the G5, which costs a little more (although I bought mine new for $230).
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The pedalboard is meant to be used at home and sometimes in small gigs.
I think that the G1On is enough... I mean, why would I give 200€ for a G3 when I can buy a very similar product for 100€ ?

The G3 has metal body enclosure, the G1Xon is plastic body enclosure. If you intend to use either as a pedalboard then buy the one which is durable enough for you to put your feet on. There is a high chance that the plastic body will develop a crack & after awhile you might step on it and break the circuit board inside as well. For that reason alone i would never consider the g1xon for any live usage or even home on the floor.