Hey guys,

Here is a new song from my heavy metal band - Against Evil. We are from India

This is the second single from our upcoming album - Fatal Assault

Do check it out and let me know what you think

guitar riffs are really cool, big powerful drum.

Is that an clean electric when the singing starts? Having an acoustic do the part might have been fun.

I really like the play between the soft and hard singing. The harmony @ 2.36 is cool, it's a great way to lead into the solo. However it gave me the taste for it so another harmonised part at the end of the solo would have been even cooler.

great stuff though

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Thank you! Yes. That is a clean electric guitar during the verses.

Im totally hooked to "Home Again" Great song!...Left you a comment

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We have an album coming out next month!
Sounds great man! Is that your 6505+ doing the cleans? Been thinking about getting one myself, and those cleans sound mighty fine.
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Fantastic meaty metal, full on production leaves no doubt, and then somewhat unexpectedly slips down into a ballad style softer verse which creates a great dynamic of light and shade. The step back up into the heavier chorus works excellently too.
I love the contrast between the more softer, melodic, mellifluous feels and the heavier, roaring, gritty sounds. The way they have been mixed and blended, sometimes changing in the middle of lines as well as separate sections, is most excellent, and makes this track stand out proud from the usual idiomatic metal.
Fantastic vocals, most versatile and slick. Same to the drums and guitars, simply brilliant. But it's the original songwriting and imaginative arrangement, and mixture of light and dark textures that I like best about this brilliant crossover tune.
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love it!!! definitely my taste, i really liked all the guitar riffs as well as the guitar tone. the lead guitar was tasteful too. the vocals are a really good compliment to the music as well, and your drummer is also really good. i'll show my friends in the US, keep it up!

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