I bought my second amplifier today and now I have a Randall and Marshall sitting on my 1960 cabinet. I only play on one at a time but is it possible to have both plugged into the cab? it would just save the hassle of changing the plugs between the 2 constantly. thanks
Sure if you only want two speakers per amp head. Just rewire it.

There are some switching devices out there and Trashed had a thread about it a few days/week ago that had some suggestions.
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Switch the 1960 to stereo. Run one amp into left and the other into right.
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Just make sure you don't plug in the wrong amp and power on the one that isn't plugged in...
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Quote by Cathbard
Switch the 1960 to stereo. Run one amp into left and the other into right.

This is the correct (safe) answer. Then get an a/b/y switch for your guitar and run either amp or both simultaneously.
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