Hello everyone !
Which strings gauge is good for standard (E) and for half step down (Eb) tuning?
Depends on if you prefer your strings to be kinda tight or loose. I'd go with the normal 10-46 for E and maybe a slightly thicker for Eb, perhaps a 50 for the low. But honestly, the 10-46 would probably work great for either.
Short answer: Any.

Long answer: Basically anything you like. There's not much difference between E and Eb. Peronally, I'd go for 10-46s. If I were going down to Drop D/Drop C#, I use 10-52. When I'm in Drop C#/Drop C/Drop B, 11-56 (with a .60 for low B).
All comes down to personal preference.

Brands don't matter too much either. The big 2 are D'Addario and Ernie Ball.
EB calls 10-46 "Regular Slinky" and D'Addario call them "EXL110"
There's also Dunlop (10 Medium), Rotosound (R10), Elixir (Polyweb Light), etc.
I use 10-46 for Eb, and I find it absolutely perfect - I like not too much tension for comfortable playing and sharper attack (especially for heavier playing). So I'd say you can do both with 10-46, or if you really like more tension, you can go with a 11-48 set.
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Brands don't matter too much either. The big 2 are D'Addario and Ernie Ball.

To be fair, some people (me included) burn through one very quickly with our acid sweat and, for whatever reason, find the other lasts longer. Seems to be a very individual thing though.

It's all down to preference, but 10-46 is a good starting point for E and Eb.
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I use D'addario EXL110. 10-46 gauge. I have very sweaty hands and they last the longest for me. About 2 months. Very good tension in both E and Eb as well.

But as other's have said, it all comes down to personal preference.
Do you mean one set of strings for both tunings?

Would you prefer E to feel slightly tight or Eb to feel slightly loose?

Which gauge of strings would you usually use for E or Eb tuning?
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