Very specific question here and if I don't get an answer it won't surprise me. Have any of you had the chance to play a Epiphone Tribute LP and a Epiphone Joe Bonamassa LP? If so which did you prefer and why. Other than the neck they both seem fairly similar based on the specs and hardware. I have been thinking about the JB for a long time but I sometimes think it is just because I like his playing more than anything having to do with the guitar itself. Not to mention I have NEVER seen a photo of him actually playing it in a concert anywhere. It is like he signed the contract, took it to one concert and played it, cashed the check (very large), done deal.
not much of a difference between the 2. i'm guessing the tribute is a little cheaper so i'd go that route. Joe has played the Epi a few times but lets face it it's just a budget version of his Gibson sig so no big shock that he doesn't actually use them.
I've played a Tribute and if you can handle the size of the neck it's actually pretty comfortable imo. The flat finish is a breeze to move your hand on. So that will be my vote. Plus. Just look at this color!

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