This is gonna seem like a really dumb rookie question, but I just need some advice. I've been playing for a long time now, but I have always gotten my effects from my amp and playing around with guitars, but recently I got a Vox AC30 Custom X and wanted to try and evolve my tone with pedals. I've started collecting a couple of pedals (delay, chorus and phaser), but I wanna get a really good overdrive pedal, with so many on the market I can't really decide what to get.
I listen to a lot of Alt Rock, Punk, Pop Punk, Pop Rock, garage rock as well as some Grunge and Hard Rock. I want something versatile that can do most of those genres but can also give a full and pleasant driven tone found in Alt rock.

So far I've looked at a lot of my favorite guitarists and have found the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver to be popular as well as the Ibanez tube screamer models. Which one of these do you recommend and if neither could you suggest something else?
Also, if you recommend the tube screamer series which model would you recommend (I like the look of the TS808DX).

If you could give me a hand I'd be very grateful, Thanks.

PS. I play a Fender Telecaster and a Les Paul Classic.
can't go wrong with a tubescreamer. no need to spend big money on one though. if you're on a budget then go for a digitech bad monkey. got more cash then go for the digitech hardwire cm-2 overdrive (has similar feature set to the 808 you mentioned and a better eq)
Apart from whats already been mentioned, you could go for a visual sound jekyll and hyde, or even just the jekyll. I have the J&H and I love it.
For overdrive, either a Fulltone OCD or MXR FET Driver. Both pedals are definetely worth a shout.
I can't comment as i haven't expereinced it, but i think some people find the combo of Ac30 + tubesscreamer a little too mid boosted and honkey! I liked my bluesdriver with the AC30 when i had it, but much better as a chimey boost than actual dirt.

A lot of people swear by the Crowther Hot Cake with an AC30 for overdrive. And i think 90's sort of Alt Rock sound a Proco Rat is pretty good with an AC30! But a bit dirtier than mere overdrive
^ good points. I don't have an ac30 but i have a genz benz black pearl which is voxish, and yeah i'd say a ts is probably too middy (obviously personal preference and all that). i like my timmy clone into mine, or something similarly more transparent than a ts (blues driver/digitech screamin blues as you said, mooer pure boost (xotic rc boost clone), ehx soul food (klone) etc.).

a boss sd1 (or cheaper daphon clone) gives you something similar to a ts but a bit less middy and honky, if that's what you want. but may still be too middy for a lot of people.
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I also have a Jekyll & Hyde, and normally, I'd recommend it.

However, I think TrueTone's* VS-XO would be a better option. 2 differently voiced ODs in one housing...


* formerly Visual Sound
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Great suggestions above. I thought I'd add that I tried the Boss OD-1X on my AC30CCH I used to own and it sounded pretty awesome. It could take the clean AC30 from a slight breakup to a hard rock crunch. My band mate uses it with his deville now, and it sounds killer.
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Bad Monkey has already been mentioned. IMHO it´s pretty much the best value for money out there.

Personally, I´m a big fan of Tech21 products. They´re not cheap but if your not on a low budget check them out!
The Soul Food is quite dark and works well in front of an AC30.
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