Hey, I'm trying to have multiple kontakt instruments work at the same time, but without loading a couple of instances of kontakt, because this is of course way to heavy on the computer.

Using this link
I routed one instance of Kontakt to multiple outputs. That's fine, but this is not exactly what I wanted, as I still have only 1 midi track. So there is obviously something I'm not getting, but I can't figure it out.

So in short:
In Cubase (8), how can I load 1 instance of Kontakt (5) with lets say 4 instruments, and have a midi track assigned to each individual instrument, so I can edit them seperately?

for example, this guy at 9:00, has like 8 kontakt instruments working at the same time, and my guess is that its all happening on 1 instance of kontakt. How?
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You don't use different midi tracks in a case like this, you use a midi track with the different parts written on different midi channels on the same track, and then you select a midi input channel for each instrument in kontakt.
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Possibly the output of the midi track or many midi tracks could be routed to the same vst?
Something like that happens in Studio One but I am not quite sure how to do it.
The concept back in the days of hardware was that say a drum machine will broadcast on track 10 in midi, while say bass synth will be on track 2. Hit the Cubase forum with this, you'd probably have better luck there.