I got a pain in my left forearm after many hours of practicing Michael Jacksons Beat it solo, I presumed it was RSI but I went to my doctors anyway to confirm. He agreed and said that I should rest my arm for at least a month while it heals but I found that was near to impossible for me as I was gigging constantly with my band. So I continued to gig on the weekend and rest my arm during the week, I did this for about 2 weeks until my arm went really bad and seized up halfway through a set on stage, we had to pull the gig and I had to really evaluate how to move forward and heal my arm.

So we got a replacement guitarist to play in the band and after about 3 weeks of rest my arm was fine! I was so relieved; it felt so good to be able to play again, for anybody reading this take note. STOP PLAYING if you are worried, your arm won’t heal if you continue to play while it’s inflamed and sore. Stop using your arm to do everyday tasks such as driving, typing etc.… if you are serious about guitar it will be worth it in the end. Ice and ibuprofen are vital in your recovery, take one 400mg tablet 3 times a day and apply ice to area 3 times a day for 10-20 mins. When your arm feels better incorporate a warm up routine into your practice to ensure you don’t injure yourself again
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Yeah, similar to overtraining any other muscle when working out a lot or doing lots of repetitive physical activity.

Gotta listen to your body
My God, it's full of stars!