Not the original neck or bridge but with these pickups I'm thinking a 50's model. Was given to my brother and I'm trying to figure out model. There was no pencil marking when putting the neck on. Thoughts or help much appreciated.
Looks like a Harmony to me, but I can't find anything that matches that pickup configuration and control layout that might confirm that it is.

EDIT: On closer inspection, I think it's actually not a Harmony at all - Looks very much like a Kay Speed Demon.

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Yep, I agree that Kay looks real convincing...
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
stuff like that got rebranded for all kinds of things with various parts (the maple neck for example). it'd be pretty tough to tell exactly what it is but it does seem to be quite similar to that speed demon (with a different neck?)
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Poor thing is a 60's manufactured K573 noted for the 3 speed bump pickups. Made by Kay for Sears and Western Auto.