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I'm just wondering what your favourite guitar body shapes is any why?

Mine is an Stratocaster because I like its traditional look and has easy access to the higher frets
Generally speaking, Strat.
Specifically speaking, superstrats, but I really love Ibanez RGs. Especially ones with nice looking wood tops.
Basically, I'm saying I really love my Ibanez

ML and Xiphos.
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I like the non traditional shapes. Iceman, RD, Jazzmaster/Jaguar. I only like LPs in specific colors.
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V's and Explorers.
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Strat shape, and Superstrat-like bodies of all sorts. Slim and elegant. Especially Schecter, PRS and Mayones are right up my alley aesthetically and make lots of guitars I find gorgeous.

From the more unusual/pointy shapes, I find the Explorer pretty cool.
X-shaped guitars (Warrior/Warlock to some extent). They are comfortable to play in any and all positions. Plus, they look cool, not like a women's butt--nothing against butts but I don't want my guitar looking like one.
in terms of comfort or how cool they look?

comfort- strat/superstrat

cool- vs or explorers, or variants of those (kelly, king v, mockingbird, star)
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The Bendercaster, of course. Excellent use of fan-fret (multiscale) technology coupled with a slightly tweaked classical shape.

If we can be specific, Hisashi Imai's mandolin guitar:

More generally, Fender offsets.
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The Bendercaster, of course. Excellent use of fan-fret (multiscale) technology coupled with a slightly tweaked classical shape.

This reminds me...

This thread wouldn't be complete without a mention of the majestic Wangcaster, would it.
Prs style carved top.

And no thread here ever seems to be compleat without mention of the Wangcaster.
ESP Horizon.
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I made the body shape that I thought would be good. It's sorta a combination between an offset Fender with a PRS-inspired carve-line.
It's not a great example of craftsmanship but the lines are visible. You can see what I was trying to achieve.

If I were working as a graphic designer I'd pick a Stratocaster as the "representative" guitar of all guitars.

If I were purely judging beauty then there's a few that are tough to pick between. I really like PRS, but the Les Paul and the Gretsch White Falcon are mighty fine as well.
I'd say they're all prettier than a Strat but nothing communicates the idea of an electric guitar better than a strat, or perhaps one of the pointy guitars.

So far for playing I like my offset. It seems to have more comfortable playing angles than any of my others.
I like comfortability. Which is a V Style body. Can't get comfortable with a strat style.
Jackson Randall Rhoads. I just think it looks so cool how you need to sit with one.XD And of course. Standing looks cool. Just a powerful, sleek, aggressive look.

Though Strats with flat tops and elbow cuts are always a favorite. (Grew up with one in the house and will always love them.
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Quote by dspellman
The Bendercaster, of course. Excellent use of fan-fret (multiscale) technology coupled with a slightly tweaked classical shape.

Thats funky, where did you find that?
I have tried a lot of different shapes and I can't really say what my favorite one is but I will put Stratocaster on the top.

The other one is the Jackson Randy Rhoads shape which Randy designed himself after the white pinstribe called the concord.

When I finally got my US custom Rhoads brand new on special order (RR2772) in January 1997 I found the shape to fit me perfectly and I still feel this way about it.

I have seen many guitar bodies out there that I like (Strat, LP, PRS, Iceman, Mockingbird, ...). I have also designed and built a few myself, which are one-of-a-kind and among my favourites of all guitars.

I can say that coming up with a design that is both unique, comfortable, and practical is not easy at all, and I spend a lot of time thinking about how it will look, feel and perform before I do the final drawings and begin to cut wood.

I have great respect for the creators of the iconic instrument shapes that stand the test of time.
for comfort i guess i'd go strat (with SG in close 2nd)

now for looks or cool factor you can't beat BC Rich. i think that the Bich style is my fav but Mockingbirds and of course Eagle (play one curently) are also cool.
Kellys and V's!!!!
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Quote by monwobobbo
for comfort i guess i'd go strat (with SG in close 2nd)

now for looks or cool factor you can't beat BC Rich. i think that the Bich style is my fav but Mockingbirds and of course Eagle (play one curently) are also cool.

Dang it. I agree on the Mockingbird and Bich being friggin awesome to look at. Too many styles to choose from.
SG, I just really like SGs.

The shape of a Fender jazz bass needs to be a guitar too.
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I'm more of a V guy. Besides looks, it's the shape that feels most comfortable to me.

I also love SG bodies, I have a thing for SGs. And Mockingbirds are beautiful too.
Traditional flat-top Teles all day errrday. My FMT has a carved top and it looks good at certain angles but every pic I see of me holding it on stage just doesn't look right to me. My TE and MP Thinline on the other hand...beautiful! Love all mine regardless.
All of mine are Strats or Superstrats.

Les Paul and Tele shapes are alright but I prefer the Strat shape mainly due to the extra cutaway which I think looks and plays better.

ML shapes look alright but aren't as comfortable to play.

Explorers are more comfortable but don't look as good.

Jaguars and Jazzmasters just look weird to me.

SGs I don't really like because they look too much like toys.

Haven't played many Vs but some of them look badass.
Probably classic stratocaster. Also, I'm sucker for that shape PRS make. I don't know how it's called.
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Hey that's awesome. I'm a big fan of offsets.

My all-time favorite body shape is the Jaguar.
Strat/Superstrat for comfort.

Mockingbird, and Vertigo for looks.

I also find Icemans to be a good balance of comfort and style.
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