Hi everyone! I have a really beautiful guitar (acoustic electric Ibanez in dark violin sunburst) that I would love to draw something on. I'm a native blues singer so I think I want to add a few feather designs to the body where it's visible. I mostly play sitting down and it would go on the bottom part of the body where I touch it the least. Any suggestions on what to use? It wouldn't be heavy lines or a bold design, just something light that I can do myself. I'm mostly wondering about sealing it as well...

My first guitar was crap and I used whiteout on one design, nail polish on a second design, and it looked cool but the white out became dirty the more I used the guitar. It was easy to remove though, so the design actually changed and evolved the longer I had the guitar. When I bought my Ibanez that I have now, I gave my brother my old acoustic and he tried to remove the nail polish design and it didn't discolor the guitar but it didn't remove the paint fully either. I'd appreciate any help and thanks for reading all these damn words.
to remove the nail polish entirely you'd want to sand it off worst case scenario and buff it back to the shine with a hand buffer and the right waxes and polishes. I could get into it but that's for another post.

paint wise.. it's a really good question, one of my friends paints for fun and i can imagine she would suggest acrylic or something along those lines. An art store should tell you. But if it's not too intricate of a design I know an ebay seller in Mexico from a few years back and if you send him a PDF or Jpeg of a design concept they will mail you a decal to stick on.