What am I going to do without someone keeping me awake at night?
I always look down on those girls who sob over a relationship but now,
I'm one of them.

I told you I would leave if you fed my addiction.
You can't handle stress
You think with your dick
You walk to my bed with a plater
And in it, a tray of needles
I can jab into my arm
And become what I try not to be.

A stupid reason I say.
A damn shame.
Hidden words and passive aggressive ways I think I'm better off.
I knew this wouldn't last
And it was only a matter of time until
My feeling start to fade
And yours did too.

I said to much.
And it's my fault,
This is why I don't express my opinion
And I don't tell my thoughts.
Bad things happen when I open up
My legs or my mind.
I love how everyone can relete to that. It is such a universal topic, but still not used up. My favourite part of this is the last line, so simple, funny and clever at the same time.