I just bought a Yamaha F335 last week, and I'm still learning the ropes. My action around the 12th fret seems to be pretty high though, and I've already filed the saddle down about as low as it will go for the high E, and it seems high for the low E, although I wanted to keep the curve proportionate of the saddle. I wasn't sure if I should go ahead and mess with my truss rod, or just settle for what I have.

As I said, my high E seems ok, quarter touches it when I pass it through, but the Low E can almost accommodate two quarters. Thanks for any input!
Yeah, you should have checked the neck relief and adjusted the truss rod if necessary before attacking the saddle. So I would do the neck relief now, and treat yourself to a new saddle if needed. Neck angles vary in new guitars, so you might have been unlucky and got one with a really low neck angle where you run out of saddle before you get a low action. You might have recourse under warranty.
It depends on the neck relief. If you press the string down at the first and body frets, there should be a gap between the top of 6th fret and the string about the thickness of a business card or a tiny bit less. If it is any more than that, tighten the truss rod, if it is less, eg no gap, loosen the truss rod. Only go a small amount at a time, and allow it to settle in for a day or so before redoing the saddle.

EDIT - I always lower saddles from the bottom, easier than doing it from the top.
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