So a while ago I did this: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=33413002#post33413002. Still haven't decided on the 805 vs Green rhino, gonna wait for a full band practice to compare.

I've decided to off my Swollen pickle, it has an odd grainy (I'll edit with a better term later) texture I can't roll off/smooth out. Might be because my whole rig is bright (alder so-cal+Duncan TB-6+XXX amp with EHX preamps). Also tedious to tweak since the knobs are underneath. So I got a new Musket to compare to the hoof. My plan's to return it (regardless of liking it or not. Hooray for 30 day returns!), and if I do like it more than the hoof, pick up a used one (hooray for being cheap!), and sell the hoof

I'll only do band settings (me+drums+bass) to compare since by myself isn't exactly accurate. Mids were noon for both. Hoof: ~1:00 tone, 10:00 level and gain. Musket: Pre and Focus ~10:00 each, focus and tone around 11-11:30. Volume 2:30. Sabbath type tone; didn't really change anything once I dialed these in.

So: Musket's a bit brighter, Hoof has more volume. Gain on the fuzz knob is more for the hoof but I feel like the musket is capable of more total gain with the Fuzz/Pre combo. Mids...I feel the Musket can get a little more scooped, though that was from playing alone. Low end felt around the same. I like the Focus knob since it helps maintain sludginess if you lose bass when you turn the tone up; although, it is rather subtle, not quite a separate bass knob like I initially thought. I wish I tweaked the tone on the hoof using it today; by myself it gets squishy (best term I can think of) with low end practically gone (Shift full scoop), not sure if I'd get the same result with the shift at noon like I had today (update later if I get the chance).

Didn't do much more than Sabbath today, will do something like the Pumpkins if I get the chance before I return it.

Also interested in looking at either the ram fuzz or triangle fuzz from Big tone Music brewery since it's a true to form 3 band EQ...anyone try one yet? http://bigtonemusicbrewery.com/?q=ramfuzz
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