I'm wondering about your experiences with the premium strings. I have tried nyxl and overall liked the stability and sounds in the high spectrum. The lows were a little muddy. I just put slinky's back on and they are turning black already. I think I'll try the cobalts before long. I saw pics on youtube where the m-steels are very rough under microscope, which kind of scares me in terms of fret wear.

What are your thoughts and impressions on the more expensive string offerings?
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Bought NYXLs to see what the hype was all about.

Not impressed at all. They might appeal to people who really like that bright new string sound, but I don't. Regular D'Addarios are perfect for me.
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Hate Cobalts. The sets I had were very rough. Too much friction. Never been an issue before.

I use NYXLs now. ... They're strings. I don't hate them. Too expensive for one pack.
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I'd have to agree about the Cobalts they did seem very rough and although they sounded great at first they really seemed to die off quickly for me also.
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I might be a freak exception to string-life stuff, since my sweat is corrosive enough to turn strings black within half an hour, quite often significantly less, but I found that the Cobalts felt and sounded pretty good when they were new. I'm not usually a fan of EB strings but they were nice. NYXLs stretch into tune SO much faster than any other string I've tried, which is great for tuning up a Floyd Rose, but beyond that I didn't feel or hear any difference between those and regular D'addarios. They might have been a tiny bit brighter but nothing significant. Unfortunately I haven't tried the M-Steels, I can't justify paying £17 (in the UK) for half an hour's worth of playtime.

If you burn through strings as fast as me, Elixirs are pretty much your only solution, but if you can get more than half an hour out of uncoated strings, I'd recommend Cobalts over NYXLs, just because I felt that for the extra money they offered some kind of tonal improvement. NYXLs are great strings too, don't get me wrong, I just found them too pricey when they're basically the same as regular D'addarios.
I've only tried NYXLs and Cobalts so far and I like both for different reasons.
NYXL - I have them fitted to my Ibanez and they just sound good, stretch in well and last a decent amount of time.
Cobalt - I have a 7 string set on my Schecter and I use them for 3 reasons:
1. They seem to feel tighter than the non-cobalt equivalent gauges, so a 10-66 set feels really good to me in Drop Ab.
2. They do have a higher output which helps because the pickups in the Schecter are quite PAF like.
3. They sound clearer. When I'm dj0nting, they don't sound quite as muddy as regular strings.

That's about it really. If my only option was a regular set of nickel wounds, it wouldn't bother me too much, but if I can get them cheap, NYXLs and Cobalts do feel and sound better to me.
i use my nickel blues d'addarios which cost $40 for 10 sets, they do me fine. i don't understand why you would pay $15 for a pack of strings, i would rather have four cheaper sets and change more often. thats just me though, and i can say i haven't tried them , but i certainly won't spend that much on strings..

bottom line. strings a personal thing. different strings work for different people, buy them and try them out for yourself.
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tried cobalts. dont get the hype. im a standard string guy myself. want to try the NYs. waiting to find hybrid sets, heavy bottom 9s in my stores.
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I used steel strings for years but didn't realize how shitty they were lol I tried the cobalts and m-steel, which seemed pretty nice and VERY long lasting, but I noticed also that my Les Paul has probably twice the fret wear that it should for how much I play. That's what I get for being stubborn.

Put a little string cleaner/lubricant on standard strings and they'll last a really long time (I use Dunlop Formula 65).
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I switched to cobalt strings a few months ago, and have been very happy with them so far. I'm on my third set, each of the previous two lasted almost two months before the strings turned dull.

Overall I didn't notice much difference when playing, the strings simply keep a nice sound longer.
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