Hi All,

First real post here.

I have a guitar that I am working on as a hobby. From what I can gather, it's a Kramer Superstrat, but I am not sure.

Somewhere along the line the neck has been replaced. I bought the guitar from a subsequent owner.

The new neck has a neck-block that is too big, which is the issue here. It fits snugly into the neck pocket width wise, however the neck block is too deep which causes the neck to bend backwards and when strings are put on, the strings touch first fret from the bridge.

Is it possible to file down the neck to make it fit into the pocket? If so; what tools should I use to do this.

If it's not possible, where are some good places to get a new neck in Australia or online.

Thanks for your help.

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Pictures would be useful. Preferably of the empty neck pocket, the neck and of the neck in place.

Hope this helps.