Hello there!

This is a song I made just to test some new sounds. I'll probably add some details like leads etc. later. I didn't pay too much attention to the composition; I just tracked what ever I came up with because it's a sound test. The song itself turned out pretty simple and slightly poppy but hey, it's summer time!


Also I wanted to have fun with bass as much as possible.

Badass production and tones. Loving the hell out of the sound straight from the start. It might be simple, but it's also rockin', and I like the feel. I actually like "summer rock/metal" quite much, do you listen to Baroness? They always remind me of summer with their lighter songs and they're among my absolute favourites.

You had some great riff ideas here. The bass break at 2:40 is sweeeet. And so is the ambient clean on top of it.

If you'd make this a complete song it would be a straight ten from me. I love it
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Thanks a lot!

Never heard of Baroness so I'll give them a listen. Thanks for the tip. New music is always welcome.
Hey there,

Thanks so much for sharing this track with us.

HDV is a groovy, enjoyable track with some superb psychedelic and funky sections. There are also some very nice cleaner passages in this track. The mix sounds very complete. Are you using a drum sampler? I thought the drum sections were excellent. I think this could benefit from some lead playing and/or the addition of vocals.

Here are some of the sections which caught my attention:

0:00 - 0:22 Awesome intro. This hooked me in right away.
0:24 - 0:44 I dig the progressions here, they reminded me a bit of Opeth.
2:38 The bass sounds extremely present. I dig the strings/synth in the background too. It feels very atmospheric.

can you check out my track? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1680348
Thank you silvadolla for insightful critique.

Yes, I'm using drum machine here. I use some eq, subtle distortion and careful mixing to make them sound slightly more authentic.

Yep, I'm going to add leads and maybe vocals later.

I absolutely love Opeth.

I like my mixes somewhat "bass heavy". I hope the bass isn't too present here... 2:38 it's all wet guitar delay without any dry signal. That's an FX chain I made a while back. I have been using it quite a lot.

Thank you
This sounds great. what're you using for bass tones?
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For bass I'm using a combination of Axe Fx ultra (I got a good second-hand deal) and a bass amp plug-in by the wonderful Ignite Amps. I also run their overdrive pedal with drive and tone all the way down. With that I can get that nice, dynamic, slightly distorted sound when I hit the strings hard.

You can get nice tones even with the Ignite bass amp by itself. Check them out. Their stuff is free as well