Searched for this amp can't find much on here. Looking to get my first tube amp in a while (owned a blues junior a one point but was to clean for me).
What's your general thoughts and opinions on this amp?

It says its a mod friendly amp but I'm not into modding stuff so would I get the most out of this amp without modding it or should I look elsewhere?

I play a lot of bluesy stuff and classic rock... Zz top acdc type stuff also play some clean stuff ... Sometimes I'll play some old metal like black sabbath but I could always use a pedal to achieve those gain levels if the amp won't.

Play a Gibson Les Paul signature T.

Love the attenuation feature so I can achieve good crunch at whisper volumes. Since I have a 6 month old
I've had the combo version of one of these for a little over a year. Recently changed out the 6V6 tube for an EL34 and have really been digging the tone more so than before.

The cleans are great, and the ultra channel is pretty decent. You won't be able to get away with metal without additional help in the form of some pedals, but you can nail the classic rock bluesy stuff pretty easily.

Despite only being 6 watts, this thing can pump out some serious volume. Enough to disturb the neighbors (when you live in a college apartment). If you have the chance to try before you buy, I'd highly recommend comparing it to similar low wattage amps. I bought it on a whim without trying it out, but I'd say it was worth the investment.
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The amp is fine, however it needs 3 changes to be at it's best, one is easily rectified, the others are a little more expensive.

If you open it up, on the inside, on the socket of V1 (the one furthest from the big one, far left as you look into the open side of it) there are two small red capacitors. Clip them. They are there to increase the miller capacitance of the input stages to reduce picking up radio signals. Fine, right? Except the input resistor on those stages is big enough not to need them. And as a result it's rolling off a lot of the high end.

The other two are tubes and speaker. Obviously it has super cheap chinese stock tubes, they sound rubbish, replace them.

If you get the combo, the stock VHT speaker is muddy, lacks clarity and is generally bad

EDIT: it's not any dirtier than the Blues Jr though
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Was l also looking at the bugera v5 but saw it was an 8" speaker so that turned me off. Was looking at there G5 head tho its obviously a blackstar copy but with a attenuator. Is it any good?
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the G5 isn't going get you the tones you're looking for.

The V5 is closer but you're going to have issues with that 8" speaker.

What's your budget? Where you located?
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Like to be $400 or less. Eastern shore MD... Also VERY close to Delaware so if its Craigslist your looking at the Delaware page is closer to me then the eastern shore MD page.... For some reason its mostly Southern eastern shore and eastern va people that post on that page which is like a 4 hour drive for me. So in short use the Delaware page for Craigslist.
I know its out of the price range I just mentioned but what about the Peavey valveking II? I know its 20w which I'm looking for lower wattage but it has an attenuator that I could take it down to 1w.

I don't ever plan to gig or anything like that I just play at home with backing tracks and stuff. So just a small bedroom amp is fine. But I just want a tube again I miss the tone
I was going to suggest the Vk-2, which is why I asked about budget. The 20W head has headphone out as well (very useful with a little one)

I have a 9mo in the house so I understand your difficulty
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So ho much would the head and a good 1x12 cab set me back?

It sounds like a good amp.... But everything kinda sounds the same listening to YouTube videos on a phone haha would it fit my needs rather well?
I'd rather have this. I own one. Clean. Brit rock. Old metal. New metal.

Not sure how far away this is.


(I also see a Vox AD120 head, a Peavey Transtube, a Blackstar HT20 as well) - not a fan of Blackstar personally.
6 watts is still pretty loud, don't think you will be getting poweramp breakup at reasonable volume. even at 1 watt dimed, its going to be loud as hell.

amps have volume knobs for reasons. my mesa's sound just as good as my orange dual terror (can run it as low as 7 watts). its the engineering that matters, not the number before the watts rating..
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Is this the new VHT, that they started making after Fryette sold the name to unknown Chinese entity? Stay away.

They're ok amps. Couple of design flaws here and there, low quality components like most cheap Chinese stuff, but the transformers are built like tanks, and unlike many cheap Chinese designs are oversized.
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If the vk-II is worth it I can wait a few extra paychecks to pick one up

I think it's going to suit your needs best. If the 20W combo had a headphones out I'd suggest that. As it is, you'd have to plug it into the PC and headphone from there.
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Well the only other option I was thinking was trying out the bugera v5 but using it as like a head and getting a cab for it since I could take it down all the way to .1w and I think it has headphone jack also I can't remember. The only question now which cab I would need if I went that route or the vk-II micro head.

I don't care if it matches I just want it to have a good speaker and not super bassy here's a couple I was looking at... Don't know what are good speakers and which are bad ones so if y'all could help me it be greatly appreciated.




QC can be iffy on them, as gordon implies.
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Found a classic 20 head from peavey. I always see people recommending the classic 30 combo. Is The classic 20 any good? Is it better then the 20w valve king?